Winner 3D Flex (2022)



We have developed the new 3D FLEX boat after intensive work with some of the best light weight sailors in the world and the feedback we have gathered at the Championships.
The changes we have made make the hull more flexible. The increasing flexibility allow the light sailors to be superfast in all wind conditions.

Things that make the 3D FLEX uniqe
  • 3D improved hull shape, as known from the 3D Star
  • Low friction bottom.
  • 15% more flex hull - obtained by using less torsion stiff fiberglass..
  • Optiparts maststep.
  • Ronstan Orbit block system incl. Optilink, with 4:1 mainsheet
  • New X non-slip infront of the daggerboard case.
  • Special, Ergonomic Winner toe-straps. (Perfect Grip)
  • New daggerboard tape and plug system (Singapore style)
  • Bigger Mast thwart bulkhead holes.
  • We have build the FLEX to fit the light sailors.

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