North MNR-1 Bi-Radial



Sailor's weight below 34 kg

The Bi-Radial Series delivers a combination of excellent pointing and speed throughout a wide range of conditions. The bi-radial sail with its cross cut head offers a more easy-trim sail than the full radial models. This is the perfect Optimist sail for racers looking for pointing and keeping your head out of the boat.

The MNR-1 Mainsail is our flattest sail in the bi-radial range, ideal for sailors below 34 kg.

Standard Features

  • Contender 2.99 Polykote with Radial Construction
  • Mylar window
  • Active leech
  • Sail number installation
  • IODA button
  • Tell tales
  • Sail bag
  • Sail ties


  • Class measurement/certificate

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