Blue 48L Airbag



EX1217 Optimist Blue Airbag-Buy an airbag that will last and you can trust! These air bags are heavy duty buoyancy bags made from 300 denier polyurethane coated nylon. They meet and exceed the demands of a marine environment. The seams are radio frequency welded which ensures maximum life and durability. They are about half the weight and significantly stronger than bags made of PVC or PVC coated nylon. PVC and PVC coated airbags are not recommended for long term use in a marine environment. The EX1217 Optimist Blue Airbag has a twist lock valve on a stem for easy inflation and deflation. The stem allows the bag to be inflated on the water without the sailor having to put his or her head near the bag. This keeps their eyes above the gunwale and makes inflation much easier and safer for younger sailors. The stems can be easily tucked under the airbag straps to prevent accidental deflation.

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