Spar Set, Optiparts Club

Spar Set, Optiparts Club

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The Optimist UPGRADED school mast set contains:

  • EX1011 – Optimist UPGRADED school mast
  • EX1031 – Optimist UPGRADED school boom
  • EX1042 – Optimist UPGRADED school sprit

The UPGRADED Optimist mast is fitted with a stainless steel halyard block, aluminium Clamcleats, a nylon pin stop and two stainless steel eyes for fixing the head of the sail. The UPGRADED Optimist boom has blue nylon in- and outboard end fittings, a nylon outhaul cleat and nylon fittings for mainsheet and downhaul attachment. The UPGRADED Optimist sprit has blue sprit ends and 15 cm black tubing for protecting damage between the mast and the sprit.