Optiparts Dolly w/ optiflex-lite Wheels



New! The axel is improved made of stainless steel - will last much longer than the old aluminium axel The Optiparts trolley for the optimist sailboat is supplied with the large Optiflex-lite puncture proof wheels and the new hull support.The hull of the Optimist boat remains positioned between the support and your can store the Optimist boat the way you like it, upside down or right side up. With the tie down eyelet you can secure the Optimist.The Optiflex-lite wheels are the ultimate in wheel design. They are ultra light, weigh just 1750 grams, have a wide surface and large diameter for easy use on sand. Never have a flat tyre again. Now this trolley is supplied with stainless steel/alu push button wheel locks which are mounted inside the axle. You will never loose clips anymore.These push button wheel locks can be used on older trollies but can not be used on older wheels with black wheel bushings. With Bow wow, a unique system to lock the bow to the trolley with one quick and simple movement. Prevents the hull from sliding off on steep launch ramps.The trolley has been designed to be the most functional available. Spring locking (Quick release) of all parts allows the unit to be disassembled in a matter of seconds for storage and travel. The frame has welded joints and is anodized to prevent corrosion. The extended and pvc padded support allows the hull to be stored either right side up or up side down.

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